Websites for queer & feminist organisations

It’s important to me to be part of the movement towards equality for women and LGBTQ people.

I believe that we all have something to bring to the social justice movement. My contribution is web design.

Activist organisations need to have a clear online presence (beyond a Facebook group, guys!) so that people and partners can easily access what they are offering, to raise awareness and visibility of the issues they are tackling, and to keep the world updated about the awesome work they are doing.

I offer my web design services for free or at greatly reduced rates to feminist and queer groups whose aims I support.

Basic website – FREE

A super-simple, five-page website which includes a blog.

Firstly, I’ll talk you through setting up your own hosting account and purchasing your domain (if you don’t already have these in place). Then I’ll build you a simple, beautiful little website!

I’ll work with graphics you’ve already got or create a basic logo/header for you if you need one. Plus I’ll show you how to manage, update and promote your site so you’re completely in charge!

Need more? I’ll quote you, cheap-as.

Maybe you need an online shop or something fancy. Maybe your a developing organisation who needs to up their game online. I can do this for you (check out my standard services for details) but of course I don’t have a bottomless pit of time for voluntary work so I’ll need to start charging at some point.

We’ll figure out what you need together and I’ll give you a realistic but super-low quote which will offer you incredibly good value for money, but also ensure that I can sustain this service.

Ongoing support

I can’t offer unlimited unpaid support, but I can give you a friendly tutorial in managing the site yourself and be on hand to help out with difficulties and to make more major changes if/when needed.



Contact me!



I reserve the right to offer this service in accordance with my own availability/capacity.

Work will be scheduled to take place at a time that fits both myself and the client, and it’s really important that my client makes themselves available to work on this – web design is never a one-way street!

I reserve the right to choose the groups I work with and ask to see governance documents, policies and so forth if necessary.