Steps To Building A Great Professional Business Website

Anyone can design their professional website in 2021 relatively easily, rapidly, and for free thanks to user-friendly systems like WordPress and Wix (and a slew of others).

This is a wonderful alternative for people who need an online presence quickly but don’t have the funds to invest in a professional site. However, there is an art and a science to creating a professional website that generates results.

A basic five-step approach should be followed whether you are building your website or hiring a web design company to do it for you.

Vision, brainstorm, plan, design, and development are the five steps. Many firms make the mistake of saying, “Here’s my vision, now let’s develop it!” It’s critical to do all of the preliminary work before diving into the development of a terrible website.

1) Vision

The owner — the one whose website is being developed – always provides the vision for the website. A simple single-page splash site may work if your vision is just “I need a web presence.” However, with all of the marketing and branding opportunities available, you should consider going a step further. When considering the website’s vision, consider the following questions:

“Can you tell me who my target market is?”

“Would anyone else be interested in visiting my website?”

“How do I want my visitors to perceive me/my company?”

2) Brainstorm

Collaboration is essential when working with a web designer. The brainstorming phase entails one or more meetings in which you educate them about your organization and industry, as well as your general goal. They, in turn, offer suggestions and solutions for achieving your goals in numerous ways.

Collaboration is important when working with a firm, but research is essential when developing your website. Examine how your largest competition is approaching their vision.

3) Plan

It’s time to put together a game plan after brainstorming with a web designer (or conducting your research). This is the stage where the ideas are being sketched out. At Butler, we write down our website development plan on a drawing board (or sketch pad). Proper planning should produce a website narrative, some initial copy (written content for each page), a site map, and a wireframe.

4) Design

If proper planning has been done, designing should be a relatively straightforward task. A design is essentially putting flesh on the bones of the skeleton (the wire-frame) that was established in the planning process. If there are no brand guides (a collection of basic design standards to follow for a specific brand), create one before you spend too much time developing. It might be as simple as selecting a standard color palette, font family, style, and size.

5) Develop

You’re finally ready to construct your website once your vision has been established and designed. This is the step where all of the nuts and bolts are connected. The development phase should be reasonably short, depending on the size of the project, as long as extensive planning and competent design have been done.

In Conclusion

Working with a web design business will decide the cost and gauge the overall of your project based on who does what. For example, you may save a lot of money by brainstorming, researching numerous ways to execute the job, drafting up a plan that includes a site map and all written content, and then giving it over to a web design business to design and build.

The advantage of doing so is that you save money, and the development turnaround time should be very fast (if you’re working with a good company).

The disadvantage is that the brainstorming and planning phases may take much longer than if you hired a professional firm, and there are numerous issues that you may have ignored or not addressed if you are a “rookie.” Whether you hire a web design business to handle all five steps or decide to handle parts of them yourself, it’s critical to make sure that none of them are missed.

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