What does a freelance WordPress developer do?

WordPress is currently one of the most widely used content management systems. It’s popular with clients because it’s simple to set up, offers a wide range of plugins, and takes a user-friendly approach.

Developers prefer it because of its simple functionality, which means it’s simple to set up while yet providing good results.

As a result, the number of sites that use WordPress is increasing. Many small businesses are hiring freelancers across the world for their website development and here we will discuss how freelance developers work.

Sign up and select a plan

The first step is to create an account. Signing up for WordPress is a breeze. Simply go to the homepage and click the “Start Your Website” button.

The next step is to choose a plan. The idea for site is free, but. free. Personal, premium, business, and e-commerce are the others, with monthly fees of $5, $8, $25, and USD 45, respectively. The freelancer will ask you to pay the fees for these.

Set up your domain name and hosting

The next step is to register a domain name and select a hosting provider. Provide the domain name to the freelancer and he will set up the account. 

Install WordPress

This step is only required if you’re using third-party web hosting. Log in to the account that the web hosting service provider has set up for you. There should be a web hosting option in the menu, and clicking on it should bring up a list of programs, including WordPress.


Apply a theme

The next step is to choose a theme. You can provide the theme you wish to choose and your freelancer will set it up. A freelancer can take a pre-existing theme and make it appear completely different, and they can do so for a reasonable price.

Adding pages, navigations, and customization

The last step is to add pages, navigations and then customize them according to clients’ needs. The last step will be testing to check if everything is working fine.

Final words

WordPress is an excellent website-building platform. It’s not as basic and plain as Wix or Squarespace. When deciding where to find a freelance WordPress developer uk, weigh the advantages of hiring a freelance WordPress developer versus hiring an employee. Freelance developers are often cheaper than employee hires. So if you are looking for a website developer then hiring a freelancer for this job is always a good idea.

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